TransformingSports Media Collectibles

Transforming Sports Media Collectibles
The epic combination of rare athlete-created content coupled with original artwork digital cards fused into unique, highly collectible NFTs.
  • Captivating Athlete ContentAmazing stories and intimate experiences personally narrated on SportsCast episodes by current players, legends, and future stars. One-on-one, big-name sports figures host revealing interviews with some of the world’s most interesting and compelling athletes. You can get exclusive access to these dynamic interactions only with SportsCast NFTs.
  • Digital Cards with KickNot just another digital card, you can own a card with kick that contains exclusive access to these extraordinary digital experiences that can never be replicated. SportsCast’s highly collectible, original artwork digital cards are specially encoded to provide personal access to select SportsCast episodes that showcase these accomplished athletes, eye-to-eye, sharing stories of challenge, defeat, tenacity, and triumph.
  • Collect, Own, Trade SportsCast NFTsSportsCast is transforming digital media, NFTs, and the sports collectibles market with the fusion of distinctive digital sports cards and captivating athlete created content.
Own a Slice of Sports History

The SportsCast Model

Sports Legends, Future Stars, Amazing Storylines
Original Art Digital Cards
SportsCast Sports Media Collectibles

How It Works

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    Collect limited edition SportsCast NFTs.These collectibles are the epic combination of rare NFTs and athlete-generated content.

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    Gain access to exclusive content.You will be in rare company with access to amazing stories from current players, legends and future stars.

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    Be part of a growing community.SportsCast is transforming digital media, NFTs and the sports collectibles market.


Available Soon

  • White Tier

    SportsCast – Zeb Noland White Edition Part 1

    In SportsCast – Zeb Noland White Edition Part 1, quarterback Zeb Noland relives his childhood passion for football. He discusses drawing inspiration from his coach and father, Travis Noland, to become the best player he could be. Check out some of Noland’s most insightful and personal pieces of wisdom learned throughout his career.
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    Limited Edition of 5000

  • Pink Tier

    SportsCast – Zeb Noland Pink Edition Part 2

    Check out Zeb Noland’s college football journey and some of the relationships he made along the way, like his friendship with quarterback Trey Lance, and how it impacted him. SportsCast – Zeb Noland Pink Edition Part 2 dives deep into some hard-hitting moments in his life so far and explores where he sees his career moving in the future.
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    Limited Edition of 2500

  • Orange Tier

    SportsCast – Zeb Noland Orange Edition Part 3

    Zeb Noland discusses the turmoil caused COVID-19 to the sporting industry. He also takes a hard look at how he has progressed as a team captain, both on and off the field. Check out some of his brightest moments of mentorship and inspiration in SportsCast – Zeb Noland Orange Edition Part 3.
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    Limited Edition of 1000

  • Prizm Tier

    SportsCast – Zeb Noland Prizm Edition Part 4

    Join quarterback Zeb Noland as he reflects on some of his highest (and lowest) moments in the game, his sources of inspiration, future career plans, and more in SportsCast – Zeb Noland Prizm Edition Part 4. This is a deep, intimate look into the life of the man, as well as the athlete.
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    Limited Edition of 500

  • Gold Tier

    SportsCast – Zeb Noland Gold Edition

    In this full-length episode, QB Zeb Noland dives deep into his career and most significant sources of inspiration. He discusses his entire story – from the lessons he learned from his talented father, Travis Noland, to their shared passion for football, his growth as an athlete and mentor, and some of his best moments in the game – in SportsCast – Zeb Noland Gold Edition.
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    Limited Edition of 250


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